After 4 years of hard work, HAProxy 1.5.0 is finally released!

For people who don’t follow the development versions, 1.5 expands 1.4 with many new features and performance improvements, including native SSL support on both sides with SNI/NPN/ALPN and OCSP stapling, IPv6 and UNIX sockets are supported everywhere, full HTTP keep-alive for better support of NTLM and improved efficiency in static farms, HTTP/1.1 compression (deflate, gzip) to save bandwidth, PROXY protocol versions 1 and 2 on both sides, data sampling on everything in request or response, including payload, ACLs can use any matching method with any input sample maps and dynamic ACLs updatable from the CLI stick-tables support counters to track activity on any input sample custom format for logs, unique-id, header rewriting, and redirects, improved health checks (SSL, scripted TCP, check agent, …), much more scalable configuration supports hundreds of thousands of backends and certificates without sweating.


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