CoCycles open source code search:

According to GitHub, open source code is doubling its amount every single year.

This astonishing number is mainly the result of the 7 hrs a week developers spend on average writing open source code. Although this number seems a bit high, it is based on over 25,000 developers who took part in the 2014 stack overflow survey.

Amazingly, 98% of that code become obsolete within 12 months. Yeah. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world spend precious hours writing code which quickly becomes unused.

This shocking reality was probably born due to the fact that the billions of lines of open source code are well organized into projects, but were never organized as functional small units. This means that if a developer needs a function or a piece of code which exists in the open source, he or she must search for that needle in the huge haystack of libraries (or ask for people to find or rewrite it on SOF). This inefficient reality is about to change.

CoCycles is a brand new technology that searches open source pieces based on code functionality. One can simply search for a function or a piece of code that does something (e.g. “generate random string”) and instantly find quality pieces of open source code to do just that. People wrote it before, and some of them wrote it well, so why not use it?

Another innovative part is that CoCycles uses natural language processing technologies to allow people to find code by describing what it does in plain words. As a result of the use of such technologies, CoCycles is able to understand abbreviations, synonyms and terms in developer’s language.

CoCycles also provides users with real documentation and real world usage examples for each piece of code found, and will even include every reference and sub-function within the snippet generation process. This developer tool is free for all since the philosophy behind it is that of the open source initiative: by developers for developers.

Check it out:


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