Je n'ai pas traduit les différents titre des articles, mais voici les sujets listés :

• The Secret to Rails OO Design
• Better Ruby Presenters
• Extracting Domain Models: A Practical Example
• Object Oriented Rails - Writing better controllers
• Making ActiveRecord Models Thin
• Stubbing Is Not Enough
• Don’t Make Your Code “More Testable”
• Why you should care about information hiding
• Issue 4.11: Responsibility-centric vs. data-centric design - Practicing Ruby
• Ruby Best Practices- Issue #23: SOLID Design Principles
• 7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models
• Your Objects, the Unix Way
• Testing Code in a Rails Initializer
• Why Ruby Class Methods Resist Refactoring
• Ruby Domain / Design Pattern Examples
• Rails On Objects
• Tell, Don’t Ask
• Types of Coupling
• Tidy views and beyond with Decorators
• Crazy, Heretical, and Awesome: The Way I Write Rails Apps
• Every day use of the decorator pattern
• Goodbye, shitty Car extends Vehicle object-orientation tutorial
• OO Design Principles
• David Peterson: Object-Oriented Example
• The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Tell, Don’t Ask
• Why I Love Everything You Hate About Java
• Misunderstanding the Law of Demeter
• How To Design Classes
• A Responsible Programmer


Waow sacré liste. Ça fait pas mal de lecture pour ce week-end, merci pour le lien.

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